TMS for Assets

Effectively manage trucks, trailers, and drivers with a Prime Transportation Management System for Assets.

Prime TMS for Assets includes the typical features of a Prime Transportation Management System. This includes document and image storage, tracking capabilities, and an interactive dashboard. It also offers specialized capabilities to effectively manage drivers, trucks, and trailers.



  • Assign. Easily assign drivers, trucks, and trailers to the appropriate driver manager.
  • View. The driver managers can then view all of a driver’s past, present, and future movements.
  • Automate. Our auto-rating feature facilitates fast and accurate quoting based on the specifics of a given contract. 
  • Preplan. Search for available freight based on current shipments, final delivery, and all available freight within a selected mile range.
  • Notify. Notifications can also be set to alert driver managers of upcoming driver drug screens that need to be scheduled.
  • Calculate. Automatically calculate weekly driver pay based upon miles driven and percentage pay.

Why Choose Prime

TMS for Assets?

Prime Software Solutions has designed a Transportation Management System to meet your company’s unique asset management needs.


  • Cloud-Based. Our cloud-based system can be securely accessed from any internet-connected device so you’re never out of the loop.
  • Scalable. TMS for Assets is designed to meet the current needs of your business, but it’s scalable to grow and evolve with you.
  • Integrated. Prime TMS seamlessly integrates with countless platforms. This includes EDI, asset depreciation systems, accounting platforms, and many others.
  • Efficient. Your driver managers can efficiently manage assets thanks to the interactive dashboard, increased visibility, and automated processes.

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