Robotic Process Automation

Prime RPA used cloud-based software to handle manual and repetitive tasks more efficiently.

Robotic Process Automation


  • Extract Data. Prime will build automation workflows to extract relevant data from Walmart’s Retail Link or other systems.
  • Email Parsing. Automatically extract specific information from emails and export it to the appropriate application.
  • Data Scraping. Pull relevant information from any number of sources including websites, spreadsheets, and other programs.
  • Fill in Forms. Using data parsed from emails and other documents, RPA can fill in forms with speed and accuracy.
  • Move Files. RPA can also send reports or files, ensuring that all information reaches its next destination safely and in a timely manner.
  • AS-400. This integration automatically updates information such as statuses, dates, rates, and more, thereby eliminating manual entry.


Prime Software Solutions often caters RPA to the retail world. However, Robotic Process Automation can also be an asset for healthcare, insurance, banking, and other industries. The benefits are numerous.


  • Productivity. RPA can run 24/7 and absorb workload fluctuations during busy seasons.
  • Accuracy. Automations follow specific workflows, therefore reducing the risk of human error.
  • Simplicity. Implementing RPA is a simple process that can be put into place rather quickly.
  • Integrations. Since Prime RPA integrates with existing systems, you can be sure that data is accurately exported.

Overall, Prime Robotic Process Automation can automate otherwise manual workloads so your employees can focus on more value-based tasks. Want to know more? Contact us for more information or schedule a demo using the form below.

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