Lawyer System

A Prime Software Solutions customized system provides your firm with the most accurate time tracking and invoicing. 

Basic Functions

Our lawyer system software is designed to provide these basic functions for your firm.


  • Track Time. Log all working time and easily attribute to specific clients or cases.
  • Add Expenses. Record client-related expenses such as copies and filing fees.
  • Invoicing. Reduce administrative hours by streamlining your client invoice system.

Added Benefits


  • Time Management. When you know exactly how you are spending your work hours, you can manage that time more efficiently.
  • Accurately Calculate Billable Hours. Tracking your time leads to more precise billing and therefore increased income.
  • Analyze Data. Produce reports on productivity related to certain clients, tasks, and staff.

Why Choose Prime?

Prime Software Solutions offers clients personalized solutions!


  • Custom. While we have certain basic systems available, the expertise of the Prime staff makes it possible for you to have a custom solution. Tell us about your goals and let’s develop a plan to make your operations more efficient.
  • Suites. The system we have available for attorneys to track time might be a great fit for you, but we also offer a suite of cloud-based solutions. Software as a service is our specialty. Want to know more? Let’s schedule a demo!
  • Scalable. Do you expect your law firm to grow? As your caseload grows, so can your time tracking system. It can accommodate both the current and anticipated needs of your firm. When and if changes are ever required, we can help you with that!
  • Integrations. Your tracking system will work with your accounting software. Integrate with QuickBooks or another accounting system for a seamless budgeting, invoicing, and record-keeping workflow.

Is Prime Software right for you?

We’d love to tell you all about it. Please give us a call:
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