Invoice Management

Automate processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs with a Prime system that electronically manages invoices and claims.

Invoicing Capabilities

Prime Software Solutions offers an invoice management system with features designed to track, create, receive, process, and pay invoices. Electronic invoicing reduces errors and eliminates the time-consuming and labor-intensive task of manual invoicing.


  • EDI Invoicing. Electronic invoicing speeds up the process and shifts the focus of your staff to more important tasks.
  • Payments. Just as the system can produce and send out invoices, it can receive, process, and issue payments electronically.
  • Integrations. Your invoice system can integrate with ERP, TMS, and WMS. You can also connect with external software such a Xero for streamlined accounting.

Claim Capabilities

Prime claim management is an automated system for disputing and resolving retailer claims. We specialize in providing suppliers with an efficient method of utilizing Walmart’s reporting software, Retail Link.


  • Upload Data. Automate downloads of Retail Link data.
  • Submit Disputes. Our claim management system will automatically submit disputes over chargebacks and deductions.
  • Reclaim Revenue. Settle accounting errors and reclaim funds lost to shipping and inventory management issues that were out of your control.

Why Choose Prime?

Prime Software Solutions has valuable experience and expertise when it comes to helping our clients invoice and process claims efficiently.


  • Quick Startup. All Prime solutions are cloud-based. Since there is no complicated or costly installation or training, startup is quick and simple.
  • Ongoing Support. We’ll work with you to set up an invoice management or claim system that meets your business needs. Then we’re available for ongoing support.
  • Integrations. As with all Prime solutions, invoice and claim systems offer countless integrations to create a seamless operational workflow.

Is Prime Software right for you?

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