Loan Management System

Prime Software Solutions has cloud-based loan servicing software to automate and streamline your workflow.

Loan Management System


A Prime loan management system offers these elements to help you effectively and efficiently manage the servicing of all types of loans.


  • Automate the loan lifecycle.
  • Accommodate unique loan terms and conditions.
  • Create client accounts.
  • Issue loans.
  • Calculate up-to-date interest, payments, and fees.
  • Track borrower payments.
  • Provide accurate reports.
  • Produce delinquent notifications.
  • Integrate with existing systems.

Benefits of a Prime

Loan Management System

Automating the loan servicing process offers many benefits.


  • Improve Customer Experience. Simplify the borrowing experience for your clients by having all information accessible and up to date.
  • Reduce Errors. Make fewer mistakes when you move away from manual data management.
  • Streamline Workflow. Processing time is greatly reduced when you automate the loan servicing workflow.
  • Fast & Secure Access. Quickly and securely access all client and loan-related data in one central location.

Why Choose Prime?

You need a solution that provides the tools you need and can easily integrate into your current and future processes. Prime Software Solutions creates cloud-based solutions that offer unlimited customization with no installation required. That means you’ll have secure access to all loan data and reports from any device. You’ll even have access to an account manager if you need assistance.

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