Manufacturing Management

Whether your company makes cell phone batteries, organic dog food or lightly scented candles, you are fundamentally in the business of taking raw materials and transforming them into finished products. The Prime MMS can streamline your operations and enhance your bottom line.

Prime MMS – Manufacturing Management System

From raw material to finished product, the Prime MMS manages inventory, stock levels, and raw ingredients, before it becomes a finished item. 

The Prime Manufacturing Management System can streamline your entire manufacturing process and assembly line. The system tracks everything from incoming raw materials and on-site inventory, to fuel consumption and outgoing shipments.

The Prime MMS also streamlines the scheduling and planning of receivables. As your finished products are manufactured, the MMS automatically deducts the proper amounts of materials from your raw material inventories. And when items are shipped, your warehouse’s stock levels are automatically adjusted.


Manufacturing Insight

By entering and storing the ‘recipe’ for each product and sku, the Prime MMS learns how to make your products. At any time, the MMS can tell you how much you can make based on current on-site inventory levels. When integrated with our transportation management system or shipping management system, the MMS can forecast future output based on forthcoming shipments.

Parts & Refurb

For companies that break down consumer products for parts or refurbish used items, the Prime MMS can also work in reverse. By adding to each element’s inventory as products are broken down, the system can track how many complete items are available for assembly.

End-to-End Integration

The Prime Manufacturing Management System ties directly into your corporate accounting system and handles everything from purchase orders to postage. Our MMS also integrates directly with Prime TMS and WMS, for seamless end-to-end software integration.

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