Transportation Management System

Prime TMS is a fully customizable platform designed to help you streamline the movement of goods in the supply chain.

TMS Solutions

Prime Software Solutions can customize a transportation management system (TMS) for every facet of the supply chain. Find the best solution for your operation.

TMS for Shippers

TMS for Brokers

TMS for International

TMS for 3PLs

TMS for Intermodal / Rail

TMS for Freight Forwarders

TMS for Assets


  • Real-Time Tracking. Loads can be tracked by GPS, EDI, OBCs, or driver cell phones, ensuring that you have up-to-date location tracking, while enabling it to be easily accessed via your custom dashboard.
  • Interactive Dashboard. Color coding gives you fast access to accurate data. It simultaneously allows you to anticipate needs, minimize penalties, and reduce shipment delays.
  • Image & Document Storage. This allows you to track and store documents in addition to images including W9s, labels, bills of lading, contracts, rate confirmations, invoices, PODs, digital signatures, and even more. Then you can use your dashboard to filter images by the carrier, customer, or another category.
  • Intermodal Capabilities. Prime TMS builds and tracks loads across intermodal freight networks. So that no matter what carriers are involved in your shipping operation, you can track it.
  • Automation. Save time and reduce costs with auto-rating so that contracts can be processed quickly to provide the most accurate rates without the time-intensive manual process.


Your transportation management system will seamlessly integrate with a wide range of solutions and systems for the most efficient operations.


  • Mileage. Automatically track mileage and coordinate with Rand McNally or PC Miler for accurate mileage accounting.
  • EDI. Integrate with numerous EDI systems including carriers such as BNSF, CSX, Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, and Kansas City Southern.
  • Load Boards. TMS integrates with load boards such as Walmart, BluJay, Transplace, and others to help brokers streamline shipping operations.
  • Other Integrations. Your custom TMS can also integrate with fuel/advance cards, Carrier 411, My Carrier Packets, Department of Energy, Comdata, and EFS.
  • And More. Prime Software Solutions is continually working to integrate with systems that will help you manage your supply chain efficiently.


Prime Software Solutions knows that one size doesn’t fit all. We’ll work with you to understand the unique needs of your business and customize a solution to offer these benefits.

  • Streamlined Operations. Reduce errors, increase visibility, standardize billing, and ensure compliance with a system that’s designed just for you.
  • Scalability. We can create a solution to meet your current needs that can evolve to meet the changing needs of your business.
  • Secure Access. Our cloud-based solutions mean you’ll have secure access to your system from any device with internet capabilities. 
  • Confident Decision Making. Access to real-time data means you can confidently make informed decisions regarding shipping methods, carriers, and costs. 


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