Labor Management System

Prime LMS helps you gain valuable insight and efficiently request staff from outside agencies.

Labor Management System



A Prime Labor Management System (LMS) is designed to simplify the process of assessing your labor needs and accessing the proper staff.


  • Integrate with Warehouse and Yard Management System.
  • Manage full-time employees, temporary laborers, and schedules.
  • Submit requests for shift and skill-specific temporary laborers.
  • Grant access to temp agencies to accept and fill labor requests.

Benefits of a Prime

Labor Management System

A Prime Software Solutions customized system offers many benefits.


  • Gain Visibility. You will have access to previous and current labor requests and agency fulfillment. This will allow human resources to schedule accordingly.
  • Log & Analyze Data. A LMS allows you to analyze efficiency and costs. When you have all the data, you can make more informed staffing decisions.
  • Increase Productivity. The system facilitates the coordination of qualified staff and current labor needs.
  • Quickly Adjust Staffing. Changes happen. You can easily adjust staffing based on needs and availability.
  • Reduce Labor Costs. You can eliminate unnecessary staff and only pay for the essential labor. Well-coordinated scheduling makes this possible.

    The Prime Difference

    Prime Software Solutions offers a suite of cloud-based solutions. When it comes to LMS or any other system, we provide as much customization as you desire and as much ongoing support as you require. While others may offer a one-size-fits-all labor management system, Prime offers exactly what you need. Don’t settle for less or pay for services you don’t need. Schedule a demo today and see the Prime difference for yourself!

    Are you interested in learning more about how a LMS could benefit your operation? Schedule a demo with Prime Software Solutions today!

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