Asset Tracking

Protect your investments and inventory

with a Prime Asset Tracking System.

Simple & Effective

Asset Tracking

Prime Software Solutions can design an asset tracking solution that’s effective and easy to incorporate into your supply chain. 

  • Simple. By adding a tracking device to your loads, you can easily track the shipment to optimize shipping and delivery methods.
  • Reliable. We utilize tracking devices, satellites, and cell phones to accurately track your pallets, shipments, and other assets.

Benefits of a Custom Tracking Solution


Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all tracker for your business’ assets. When you choose Prime Software Solutions to customize a tracking system for your unique needs, you’ll see these benefits and more.


  • Accuracy. Know exactly where valuable loads are so you can optimize operations and keep your clients informed.
  • Reports. Easily access up-to-date information about transport and delivery to streamline operations and reduce loss.
  • Alerts. Find out when there’s a problem so you can quickly resolve any issues or recover assets.
  • Efficiency. Tracking your load’s route can assist in planning the safest and most efficient delivery methods.
  • Scalability. A Prime custom tracking solution is designed to grow and evolve with your company’s changing needs.

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