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Our suite of cloud-based software solutions are designed to streamline your business operations.

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Logistics & Analytics

Prime Software Solutions offers a full-range of data management systems as well as customized solutions designed for your unique needs.

Customer Relationship Management

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system organizes and analyzes all points of data in the chain of customer interaction. 


Prime eCommerce gets your products online and manages your inventory. It also integrates with warehouse, shipping, and retail platforms. 

Prime EDI

Prime EDI streamlines the integration of multiple systems. This includes manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, logistics, and retail analytics.


Our Prime Manufacturing Management System (MMS) streamlines manufacturing processes, inventory management, and more.

Project Management System

The Prime Project Management System (PMS) organizes resources and scheduling for projects from start to finish.


Prime’s Transportation Management System (TMS) is an all-in-one truck broker and asset fleet manager. One customized solution equals big results!

Yard Management

Thanks to the Prime Smart Yard Manager (SYM), you can have accurate, real-time data to better manage space, operations, and costs on the yard.


The Prime Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages and tracks every facet of your warehouse or distribution center for optimal operations.

Integrated Systems

Prime Software Solutions designs, develops, and customizes applications to meet the unique needs of your business. Our logistic and analytic applications seamlessly integrate with a broad range of accounting, carrier, shipping, and retail partners. Of course, all systems are cloud-based, ensuring that you have secure access to your supply chain’s vital information anytime, anywhere.

The Prime Difference


Comprehensive Solutions

  • Customizable. We can design a single application or a suite of systems to optimize your operation. 
  • Scalable. Your data management system can grow as your business grows.
  • Efficient. Automated processes allow for the most efficient use of time and resources.
  • Accuracy. When you utilize an effective data solution, you reduce errors and costs. 

Competitive Edge

Give your business the competitive edge by incorporating

Prime Software Solutions into your supply chain!

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