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We offer integrated and comprehensive solutions for managing your eCommerce business.

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Prime Software Solutions

Our team of experts establishes systems and manages accounts to provide suppliers with the most effective online presence, product visibility, order processing, and package delivery.

Through creative services, automated processes, and helpful integrations, we help suppliers manage accounts with popular retail platforms such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, Jet, Wayfair, and more.

Creative Services

  • Website Design. Our team can develop attractive, user-friendly, integrated, scalable, and search engine optimized websites on Shopify, Wix, WordPress, and other platforms. 

  • Content Writing & Photography. From product description and web copy to professional product photography, we can create content that represents your brand and drives sales. 


Prime eCommerce management provides solutions to integrate with countless systems and platforms for a seamless retail workflow.


  • Distribution Centers. When shipping from a warehouse or DC, integrations allow you to receive orders, print labels, manage BOLs, relay tracking information, and more.
  • External Platforms. You can also integrate with external systems such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other carriers. We can also integrate with Walmart’s Retail Link.

Prime Software Solutions designs, manages, and maintains the platforms and accounts that make your retail business a success. From beginning to end, our eCommerce management solutions help you efficiently handle it all.  

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DC Integration

For those shipping from a warehouse or distribution centers, Prime’s eCommerce solution will automatically receive orders, transfer them to your warehouse, print all necessary labels including pick lists, pallet labels, case labels, bills of lading, and kitting and shipping. All shipping and tracking information is automatically relayed back upstream to the eCommerce platform and ultimately to the customer.

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