Electronic BOL & Signatures

Streamline the workflow between shipper and carrier by implementing electronic Bills of Lading and signatures.

Electronic BOL


As the functional and legal equivalent of a paper BOL, electronic Bills of Lading provide a more efficient and accurate method of document management.


  • Create. BOLs can be created and uploaded to the cloud for secure access by the driver, internal personnel, and fleet managers.
  • Sign. Upon delivery, both the driver and consignee can electronically sign the BOL which is then automatically uploaded.
  • Scan. Easily scan barcodes, paper documents, and images related to the Bill of Lading.
  • Store. Securely store BOLs and information regarding involved parties, dates, freight descriptions, special instructions, and more.
  • Manage. Access BOLs with the unique BOL number to confirm deliveries, manage disputes, and automate invoices.


Prime Software Solutions enables you to use electronic BOLs and electronic signatures as part of an efficient shipping process. We can provide you with the tools and you’ll reap these benefits.


  • Ease. Paper documents are prone to misplacement and misunderstanding. Going electronic makes BOLs easy to find and interpret.
  • Accuracy. Eliminate the time-intensive process and potential errors that come with manually processing Bills of Lading.
  • Secure. Quickly and securely access BOLs in the cloud from any internet-connected device.
  • Integrated. Electronic BOLs integrate with TMS, ensuring that your shipping process is functioning at optimal efficiency.

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