Project Management System

Prime Software Solutions offers a cloud-based system for effectively managing, planning, and organizing multiple projects.


Your project management system will have features customized to meet your business’ specific project management needs.


  • Interactive Dashboard. All approved team members can interact, track, and contribute to assigned projects.
  • Customer Log In. Allow customers to log into the system for up-to-date information on project status. 
  • Filters. Quickly apply filters to highlight and understand certain aspects of any project in the workflow.
  • Collaboration. Team members can coordinate, communicate, and collaborate to complete tasks.
  • Tracking. Easily track employees’ assignments, time, and other project-related details.
  • Reports. Create reports to easily track employee assignments and project statuses so you can identify issues and keep the workflow moving.
  • Custom Boards. Customize boards that are organized by employee, project, or another category. 
  • Image and Document Storage. Safely store and organize documents and images related to projects. 


Prime Software Solutions designs each system for ease of use in order to facilitate the most efficient system for your team to communicate. These are some of the benefits of a Prime project management system.

  • Budget Control. Use the system to save time and increase productivity in order to increase revenue and decrease project costs.
  • Team Coordination. Quickly and easily assign tasks and delegate responsibilities. This leads to increased accountability and better time management.
  • Human Resources. HR can utilize Prime PMS to manage employee availability, time off, and vacation requests. 
  • Organization. Accurately track projects from start to finish thanks to a visible and efficient project workflow.

Why choose Prime for a Project Management System?

Prime Software Solutions knows that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’re committed to customizing a project management system to meet your company’s current and evolving needs. This scalability allows the system to grow and accommodate your business long term. Our cloud-based system means you can securely access and manage projects at any time and from any device. All you need is an internet connection. Your system can also integrate with our suite of solutions for the most efficient business operations.

Is Prime Software right for you?

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