Prime EDI Integration Solutions

Prime EDI + Transplace EDI

Prime Software Solutions’ EDI platform is fully integrated with Transplace logistics EDI, giving you an automated link to Transplace’s logistics system. With Prime EDI, you can integrate your logistics, inventory, fulfillment, and accounting systems directly with your Transplace account, giving you automated, instantaneous access to your crucial logistics data.

We can also integrate Transplace logistics EDI with your warehouse, giving you an important connection between your Transplace account and your internal order management, order fulfillment, inventory, and shipping systems. With Prime Software Solutions’ Transplace EDI integration, you can check shipping status by load and tracking each shipment.

Who Should Use Transplace EDI Integration?

Every Transplace vendor and supplier can immediately benefit from Prime Software Solutions’ EDI integration platform. If your business does business with Transplace, Prime’s EDI platform will manage order fulfillment, ship and track your orders, interface with your accounting system, and keep your Transplace account increasingly profitable.