Prime eCommerce

Prime Software’s integrated eCommerce solutions allows suppliers to offer products on the most visible and popular eCommerce platforms.

Prime eCommmerce – Integrated eCommerce Management System

Prime Software offers an integrated and comprehensive eCommerce management solution for the most popular eCommerce platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Jet, Wayfair and others.

With so many popular eCommerce platforms on the internet, it can be a time-consuming headache for suppliers to setup and manage so many accounts. Prime’s comprehensive eCommerce services take the headache and confusion away from online sales. We will establish and administrate your accounts, upload your products, receive orders and deliver your products. Our eCommerce platform integrates with your accounting and transportation systems as well.

The Perfect Product Page

Prime’s eCommerce deployment team also offers a variety of creative services such as product descriptions (including keyword research and competitive analysis) and product photography (multiple angles on a seamless white background). We can help drive increased sales with the perfect product page.

Seamless Integration

Our eCommerce platform integrates with all other Prime Software solutions, including warehousing, inventory, pick-and-ship, retail data analytics and transportation logistics. The eCommerce platform also integrates with your FedEx, UPS, USPS and other carrier accounts.

DC Integration

For those shipping from a warehouse or distribution centers, Prime’s eCommerce solution will automatically receive orders, transfer them to your warehouse, print all necessary labels including pick lists, pallet labels, case labels, bills of lading, and kitting and shipping. All shipping and tracking information is automatically relayed back upstream to the eCommerce platform and ultimately to the customer.

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