Prime TMS for Shippers

Automate processes and gain valuable insights with a Prime Transportation Management System for Shippers. 

Features of TMS for Shippers

Prime Software Solutions offers shippers a management system to streamline operations and manage the costs associated with an effective supply chain.

  • Real-Time Tracking. Track loads through every link in the supply chain. Access up-to-date information regarding scheduling, transportation, deliveries, invoicing, and more.
  • Image & Document Storage. Easily store and access images and documents such as bills of lading, shipping labels, contracts, PODs, digital signatures, and anything else relevant to the shipping process.
  • Integrations. Prime TMS for shippers integrates with other platforms such as EDI, DOE, Comdata, EFS, fuel cards, Carrier 411, and countless others.
  • Automations. Presets and automations can automate rates, streamline deliveries, reduce costly errors, settle bills, audit processes, and simplify the following of vital procedures.
  • Analysis. Your interactive TMS dashboard makes business analytics easy. Access shipping details by category and create useful reports.


Why Choose Prime Software Solutions?

Prime Transportation Management Systems are designed to meet the unique needs of your shipping operation. Our innovative cloud-based system allows you secure access from any internet-connected device so you can reap the full benefits of a Prime TMS for shippers.


  • Increased Visibility. Access all relevant data for full end-to-end visibility of shipping operations.
  • Lower Costs. Ensure competitive pricing, manage rates, and eliminate unnecessary costs.
  • Faster Deliveries. Use TMS to streamline operations and increase the speed and accuracy of shipping.
  • Scalability. Prime systems are designed to meet your business’ current needs and to evolve as your business grows.

Is Prime Software right for you?

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