TMS for International Shippers

Prime offers a Transportation Management System for international shippers that is designed to standardize the complicated operations of shipping around the world. 

Features of Prime TMS for International Shippers

As with all Prime Transportation Management Systems, TMS for International Shippers provides valuable features such as real-time tracking, an interactive dashboard, and intermodal capabilities. Auto-rating provides fast and accurate rates according to contract specifications. You can easily store documents and images such as contracts, PODs, invoices, and more. Of course, TMS integrates with accounting platforms, EDI systems, and many other platforms for a fully integrated operation.



  • Standardize Procedures. Adopt a central system to bring all players in the supply chain onto the same playing field. Standardize expectations, regulations, and operations for the most effective processes.
  • Reduce Confusion. Formulate and maintain corporate standards and reduce costly errors that result when different regions make decisions in a bubble.
  • Gain Insight. Employ one standard TMS for all international shipping operations to facilitate the most accurate and up-to-date data storage and management available.
  • Enable Secure Access. All crucial parties can gain secure access to the TMS thanks to Prime Software Solutions’ cloud-based system.


The Prime Software Solutions Difference

Prime Software Solutions has designed a Transportation Management System to meet the current demands of your shipping operation. It’s also equipped to grow with your business and evolve as needs change. This scalability provides valuable ROI and ensures that your international supply chain is prepared for future success as it’s able to adapt to the changing market.

Make confident decisions regarding routine shipping as well as big picture operations with a Prime TMS. Schedule a demo by calling our office or filling out the form below. 

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