Transportation Management for International

Many of today’s products are produced and shipped from overseas. So a fully-integrated transportation management system is essential for building and tracking loads and shipments as they move from port to port, from boat to plane to rail to truck.

Prime TMS – International

The Prime Software TMS allows international shippers to operate their supply chain with precision and dexterity. Schedule deliveries and track shipments in real-time. Manage multiple carriers, contracts and transport modes simultaneously.


Prime TMS is a fully customizable transportation management system that allows international shippers to fully access and track every load and shipment in real-time. For high volume shippers, Prime TMS is loaded with robust tracking tools, allowing shipping agents to track loads from port to port, from dock to delivery, in real-time directly from your TMS dashboard.


Live GPS Tracking

At a glance, your color-coded TMS dashboard displays load status (on time, delayed, behind schedule). Prime TMS also tracks and stores all data related to your shipments, including contracts, supplier types, certifications, insurance, payment terms.


Our TMS was created with multi-modal transportation in mind, building and tracking loads across intermodal freight networks, including rail. Prime TMS is integrated into numerous rail EDI systems including NSF, CSX, Canadian National, and Union Pacific.