Transportation Management for Intermodal

Every successful intermodal transportation company must track hundreds of loads, across multiple transport systems, in real-time. The Prime TMS for Intermodal delivers live tracking data of every load, however you are shipping it.

Prime TMS for Intermodal

The modern supply chain is an all-of-the-above system, with single loads being moved from boat to plane to train to truck. It is vital to track loads as they move from one transport system to the next, while efficiently managing data and documents on multiple contracts for every single load.


If your business relies on intermodal shipping, the fully-integrated, cloud-based Intermodal TMS from Prime Software is the transportation management system can streamline your operations and deliver vital business insights and analytics.

TMS for Intermodal

An integrated supply chain is critical in the shipping business. As more and more transportation companies employ an Intermodal approach, the ability to build loads, find carriers, assign contacts get exponentially more complex. And in the high pressure shipping industry, every second matters. Suppliers and their customers want their products delivered as quickly as possible.

The solution is the cloud-based Prime Intermodal transportation management solution, with live data and tracking of loads.