TMS for Freight Forwarders

A Prime Transportation Management System for freight forwarders provides an efficient and effective platform for handling contracts, carriers, routes, international customs, pricing, tracking, invoicing, communications, and more. 

TMS for freight forwarders is designed to employ the basic features of transportation management with an emphasis on the unique needs of freight forwarders.



TMS for freight forwarders offers features to assist in day-to-day operations as well as achieve big picture goals.

  • Regulatory Compliance. Freight forwarders can document, store, and manage information, images, and documents relevant to the import and export of shipments. This serves to mitigate the risk of liability to you and your clients.

  • Auto Rating. Quickly process contracts and provide accurate quotes. This automated processing eliminates time-intensive manual rating and reduces costly errors. 

  • Order Management. You can manage orders with organized storage, useful filters, customized tools, and automated processes for the most efficient operation. 

  • Regular Reporting. Set up routine reports for review. You can also use the interactive dashboard to pull specific information by client, carrier, or another category. 


TMS for freight forwarders integrates with thousands of platforms to ensure seamless transitions and processes. You can integrate with accounting platforms such as Xero or QuickBooks. In addition, connect with EDI, mileage trackers, warehousing, carriers, and other platforms to create the most streamlined process for moving freight.

Cloud-Based TMS for Freight Forwarders

Prime Software Solutions is unique because our TMS for freight forwarders is cloud-based. This affords numerous benefits. 

  • Response to Technological Advances. You need a solution that can adapt as the landscape of shipping and transportation advances. TMS is built to accommodate the developing needs of your operation. 

  • Grow, Expand, and Evolve. Our solutions are scalable. Your cloud-based solution can be altered, updated, and expanded to meet the changing needs of your freight forwarding business. 

  • Secure Access. You can securely access TMS from any internet-connected device. Clients can also be granted appropriate access for real-time status updates.

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