TMS for 3PLs

Transportation Management Systems for 3PLs give you the tools to effectively manage your supply chain while improving service capabilities and gaining operational insight. 

TMS for 3PLs can be customized to ensure your business is an effective link in the supply chain.

In addition to standard Prime TMS features such as real-time tracking, interactive dashboard, image storage, and intermodal capabilities, TMS for 3PLs has features specific to your 3rd Party Logistic needs.


  • Customer Visibility. Real-time updates and notifications mean your customers stay informed about their freight’s location.
  • Auto-Rating. Reduce time-intensive manual processes with our auto-rating feature that automates rates according to contract.
  • Freight Capacity Sourcing. Asset-based 3PLs can manage freight capacity and driver availability with TMS.
  • Freight Brokerage. For non-asset-based brokers, TMS is invaluable when it comes to finding and communicating with carriers.
  • Load Consolidation. Save time and money when you optimize by available trailer space, type of load, and destination.



Why Choose Prime TMS for 3PLS

Prime Software Solutions creates accessible, user-friendly, and efficient systems. So why choose Prime?


  • Scalability. Our TMS is designed to meet your current needs and to grow with your business.
  • User-Friendly. There is no lengthy training involved. Our team is available to show you the ropes and provide assistance, but you’ll find the dashboard and features to be intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Endless Integrations. Your TMS offers countless EDI integrations. Connect with manufacturers, load boards, fuel cards, Warehouse Management Systems, carriers, and more.
  • Cloud Based. There is never a complicated software installation because Prime TMS is cloud-based. So you can access your system securely from any internet-connected device.

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