Transportation Management for 3PLs

Prime Software provides real-time data and tracking to power 3PL businesses with powerful transportation insight and solutions.

Prime TMS for 3PLs

The Prime 3PL TMS is a fully-integrated, cloud-based transportation management system which will streamline your operations and delivering real-time business information.

Our TMS can integrate with any shipper, warehouse or manufacturer EDI system to provide you with a seamless connection to your customers. Gain additional efficiency by automating routine tasks and streamline load building, tracking and invoicing to give your business an edge.

Every step of the way, the Prime EDI works behind the scenes to connect every facet of your supply chain while our Prime Imaging is scanning and archive all relavent documents, invoices, contracts and other computer-generated items.


Competitive Resources

For 3PLs, business growth comes from your unique array of competitive resources. The Prime 3PL TMS comes loaded with an impressive collection of tools and functions, while the system itself is fully-customizeable to provide your business with the unique transportation management resources your company needs for success.

Streamlined Operations

WIth the Prime 3PL TMS, your loads, contracts and invoices are all automatically generated, with no manual data entry. The Prime TMS integrates with multiple platforms to automatically retrieve data from multiple systems, streamlining your operations and creating actionable insights and data analysis that are vital to making confidence, real-time business decisions.