Prime EDI Integration Solutions

Prime EDI + Watco EDI

Watco is the largest, privately held, rail based entity in the United States. They offer a range of services from single shipment logistics to complete network design and operation. The Prime Software EDI is fully integrated with Watco EDI, allowing your business systems to access your Watco data automatically, including load building, load tracking, purchase orders, material orders, and fuel invoices. With Prime EDI, we can integrate your current systems with your Watco data, giving you easier access to your vital rail, shipping and logistics information.

Who Should Use Watco EDI Integration?

Any shipping, transportation or logistics business that ships loads via Watco needs Prime Software’s Watco EDI integration. Prime’s Watco EDI will streamline your access to crucial data and our reports will help you make critical business decisions faster and with more confidence. As your EDI partner, Prime Software solutions can be fully integrated with your accounting, transportation, and warehousing systems. We are committed to rapid, accurate Watco EDI integration. The security of your confidential business data is important to us and our Watco EDI integration is secure.