Prime EDI Integration Solutions

Prime EDI + Walmart EDI

The Prime Software EDI is fully integrated with Walmart EDI, extending and enhancing your access to RetailLink while providing endlessly customizable reports. Walmart’s retail data can be like a firehose of data and information. There is so much of it that an entire industry has grown up around analyzing and reporting on it (RetailLink analysts). With Prime EDI, we can integrate your current systems with your Walmart / RetailLink data, giving you easier access to your vital retail data. And with our customized report generator, we can help you visualize and understand your KPIs quicker and easier, without digging through a mountain of data.
With Prime Software’s Walmart EDI, you can check inventory levels, by SKU, store-by-store. You can also view inventory levels at the DC level, allowing you to make shipments to keep your supplier score high while keeping the shelves stocked. Our EDI will also graph your overall current sales and compare them with historical sales data, including ‘this month last year’ and ‘this week last year’.

Who Should Use Walmart EDI Integration?

Every supplier to Walmart needs EDI integration. If you do business with Walmart, you already understand the challenges associated with RetailLink. No matter the size of your organization, Prime’s Walmart EDI will streamline your access to crucial retail data and our reports will help you make critical business decisions faster and with more confidence. As your EDI partner, Prime Software is committed to rapid, accurate Walmart EDI integration. The security of your private retail data is a important to us and our Walmart EDI integration is secure.

What Questions Can be answered with Walmart EDI?

What is my Walmart Supplier Score?
How much have I sold?
Which SKUs are performing the best?
Which SKUs are under-performing?
What are my in-store inventory levels?
Which distribution centers need a shipment?
How do my sales compare to this month/week last year?
How are my sales affected by weather events?
How are my sales affected by local or regional marketing efforts?