Prime EDI Integration Solutions

Prime EDI + Shopify EDI

The Prime Software EDI is fully integrated with Shopify EDI, giving your company a direct link to the popular Shopify eCommerce platform. With Prime EDI, we can integrate your current accounting and shipping systems with your Shopify account, giving you easy, real-time access to your vital retail data.

With our customized report generator, we can help you visualize and understand your KPIs quicker and easier, without digging through a mountain of data.

We can also integrate your Shopify EDI with your warehouse, giving you full integration with your inventory. With Prime Software’s Shopify EDI integration, you can check inventory levels by SKU as well as shipping status and tracking. Every shipment is tracked and all shipping information is shared upstream to the Shopify platform and ultimately to the consumer.


Who Should Use Shopify EDI Integration?

Every manufacturer and supplier selling products on the Shopify eCommerce platform can benefit from the Prime Shopify EDI integration. If your customers buy your products on Shopify, Prime’s Shopify EDI will manage order fulfillment, ship and track your orders, interface with your accounting system, and keep your customers happy.