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Prime EDI + Canadian National EDI

WIth approximately 19,600 route-miles of track, CN operates the largest rail network in Canada and the only transcontinental network in North America. The company serves close to 75% of the U.S. population and all major Canadian markets.

The Prime Software EDI is fully integrated with Canadian National EDI, allowing your business systems to access your CN data automatically, including purchase orders, material orders, and fuel invoices. With Prime EDI, we can integrate your current systems with your CN data, giving you easier access to your vital rail, intermodal, tracking and shipping information.

With Prime Software’s Canadian National EDI, you have automatic access to over 25 electronic supported transactions, including Billing of Lading, Shipment Status Information, Load Tender, Freight Invoice, Payment and Remittance, Advance Consist, Shipment Notice Waybill and Shipment weights.

Who Should Use Canadian National EDI Integration?

Any shipping, transportation or logistics business who ships loads via CN rail, trucking or intermodal needs Prime Software’s Canadian National EDI integration. No matter the size of your organization, Prime’s CN EDI will streamline your access to crucial data and our reports will help you make critical business decisions faster and with more confidence. As your EDI partner, Prime Software is committed to rapid, accurate Canadian National EDI integration. The security of your private retail data is a important to us and our Canadian National EDI integration is secure.

What Transactions are currently supported with Canadian National EDI?

  • Bill of Lading
  • Canada to U.S. Version 4010
  • Generic Carload Version 5050
  • Grain Version 4050
  • Hazardous Version 4050
  • Radioactive Material Version 6020
  • Intermodal Shipper Version 6020
  • Lumber and Pulp Version 4050
  • Ocean Shipper Version 6020
  • Canada to Mexico Version 5050
  • Hazardous (for US Shippers) Version 5050
  • Empty Residue Carload Version 5050
  • Price Reference Identification
  • Documentation not available
  • Application Advice
  • Order Grain Equipment
  • Shipment Status Information
  • Load Tender
  • Response to a Load Tender
  • Export Booking
  • Freight Invoice
  • Payment and Remittance
  • Advance Consist
  • Shipment Notice Waybill
  • Functional Acknowledgment
  • Set Cancellation
  • Shipment weights