Prime EDI Integration Solutions


SAP is the world’s single largest business software company, with software products developed for nearly every aspect of the business world, including their ubiquitous account software. The Prime Software Solutions’ EDI platform is now fully integrated with SAP, giving your company an instant, real-time electronic link to the most popular, most used, and most respected accounting solutions in the industry.

Prime EDI integrates your accounting, transportation, shipping or manufacturing management software directly with SAP, giving you instant and efficient access to your vital SAP business data.

Prime’s integration team can also help you integrate your SAP EDI with your warehouse inventory and management system, giving you full integration between your order management, order fulfillment, inventory and shipping. Our manufacturing and warehouse management solutions also monitor inventory levels by SKU.

We Make EDI Integration Simple for SAP Customers


SAP users now have an affordable, cloud-based, easy-to-use EDI solution for SAP EDI integration. The Prime EDI platform seamlessly formats your transactions to comply with SAP standards and requirements. Transactions that you receive via Prime EDI are instantly converted into human readable format and brought into your SAP system using Prime EDI, a web-based EDI translator.

With flexible configuration options, Prime’s SAP EDI helps you minimize manual data entry, which maximizes efficiency for your team. Our managed EDI service streamlines and automates sales and purchase orders, as well as fulfillment communications with your suppliers, vendors and warehouse.