Prime EDI Integration Solutions

Prime EDI + Ferromex EDI

Ferromex operates the largest railroad network in Mexico. The company manages more than 6,200 miles of track stretching across the country to all major industrial and commercial zones. Ferromex rail lines connect with eight seaports and six international border crossings.

Prime EDI is fully integrated with Ferromex EDI, allowing your business systems to access all Ferromex-related load and shipping data. Our system can automatically retrieve purchase orders, material orders, shipment status, location, contracts, rate confirmation and proof of delivery. Prime EDI can integrate seamlessly into your current systems, allowing your Ferromex data to provide you instant access to your vital rail information.

With Prime Software’s Ferromex EDI integration, you can review purchase orders, purchase history and diesel fuel invoices by individual load.

Who Should Use Ferromex EDI Integration?

If you conduct shipping and logistics business in Mexico, you likely use Ferromex rail lines for at least part of your freight shipping needs. Prime Software’s Ferromex EDI integration will streamline your access to crucial Ferromex data and our fully customizable reports will help you make critical business decisions faster and with more confidence.

As your EDI partner, Prime Software is committed to rapid, accurate Ferromex EDI integration. The security of your private logistics, shipping and freight data is a important to us and our Ferromex EDI integration was developed with data security in mind.