Transportation Management for Highway

Manage every aspect of your transportation business with Prime’s fully-integrated, cloud-based transportation management system. Build loads, contacts and confirm rates automatically. Track loads in real-time with live GPS tracking data.

Prime TMS for Carriers and Fleets

Integrated Highway Logistics for Carriers and Fleets

Prime TMS alllows shipping customers to track loads as they move from warehouse to warehouse, or distribution center to store, while efficiently managing all the data and documents required for each load. If your business relies on efficient truck-based shipping, the fully-integrated, cloud-based TMS from Prime Software is the transportation management system your business needs.


TMS for Transportation Companies

An integrated, data-rich supply chain is critical in the modern shipping business. Suppliers and their customers want their products delivered as quickly as possible. Prime TMS transportation management system automatically builds loads and bills of lading, then manages all paperwork via Prime EDI, such as contracts, rate confirmation and proof of delivery.

Taken together, the dozens of features and tools within Prime TMS will streamline your operations and deliver vital business insights and analytics.